Towards the end of each month, we contact each upcoming bride for the upcoming month with a “confirmation email”. I usually send this out the last week or two of the current month (for instance, brides that are getting married between Jan. 1st and Jan. 10th will get a confirmation email from me within the next few days – the rest will go out next week).

The purpose of the confirmation email is to go over the timeline & details of the wedding day – everything from the ship or hotel you will be picked up from to where you will be dropped off at the end of the day. This is the time to make sure we are on the same page with every detail – and is often the time that we catch any inconsistencies. DON’T FREAK OUT if there are inconsistencies – that’s the whole point of the confirmation email, to catch them! Often times we are spending a year or more going through the details of the wedding day so to sit down and compact everything in one email, mistakes can be made (hey – I’m only human – a human planning over a hundred weddings at any one time!).

We don’t send the confirmation out too early because things change quite frequently with wedding planning – you may decide that you want to make your own bouquets for the bridesmaids instead of ordering fresh ones – your best man may not be able to come last minute – Aunt Sue and her family decide to come – numbers are always changing and DIY projects may grow (or shrink) so the confirmation doesn’t go out until we’re pretty confident things will be as planned; usually a month prior to the date. Of course this doesn’t mean we hide the details of the wedding day until then. We plan the timeline together from the beginning and the fun details like flowers, the ceremony set-up, the music – those all fall in to place throughout the planning process.

While the confirmation emails may not be perfect from the moment you get it, we send it out with enough time to make any necessary changes, so that on the wedding day, everything will go perfectly and you’ll be toasting your blissful wedding day with a big smile on your face!

(photo by Brooke Anthony of our Simple Island Photography team)