Kristin & Vic were my early birds on 10/11/12. Kristin asked me if we had any availability on 10/11/12 and I told her we were pretty full but completely open on the 10th and the 13th. She picked the 10th and then found out that the 10/11/12 date was pretty important to Vic. We were able to squeeze them in for an early morning ceremony on Lindqusit Beach, St. Thomas.

My favorite element? This photo of Vic’s grandparents. The photographer, Megan Biggs, shared the story with me:

It was really important to Vic to have a picture that showed his wedding ring while holding his grandparents’ picture. They were married for 52 years and their relationship was one that he admired and strives for.  His love for them and desire to include them in the wedding was very sweet!

Congratulations Kristin – it looks like you have a truly wonderful husband!! 

Katrina – if you’re reading this – your photos are coming soon…I thought the photos Megan sent me said “Katrina” but they really said “Kristin”!