Thank you Sue Hitchen for this great write up for my brides! Check out the fun links she has included! I love DIY projects and am actually attempting one of my own later this month that I’ll be sure to share with you on the blog!

DIY Décor: Great Projects for Beach Weddings

With beautiful golden sands, gentle sea breezes and the vast ocean stretching out before them, it’s no wonder more and more couples are choosing to combine their wedding and honeymoon by getting married on the beach. Great for guests as well, saying your vows by the sea allows them to be a part of your special day and then gives them the opportunity to enjoy a short break of their own, while you and your partner relish your first few days of wedded bliss. While any wedding requires a lot of preparation, it has to be said that there are a few extra things to consider when opting for a beach wedding abroad; passports need to be either checked or applied for, luggage needs to be carefully packed and precautions should be put in place to cover all eventualities in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. You also need to think a little differently when deciding on clothing and décor for a beach wedding; from sand and pebbles that play havoc with delicate heels to sea breezes that aim to blow the napkins away, there are a few extra things to consider when deciding on the all-important wedding décor. From garlands and decorations that billow softly in the wind to simple bridal accessories that look stunning against the backdrop of the great ocean, we’ve got a host of great DIY ideas that will add a homemade touch to your beach wedding.

Garlands and Bunting

There’s nothing more beautiful and relaxing than watching ribbons and fabric ripple in the breeze, which is why garlands and bunting are such a great choice for beach weddings. Ribbon garlands are really cost-effective, and can be simply made by tying shorter lengths of ribbon to one long piece, to create a long, fringed-effect, while simple paper chains can be made from printed and patterned paper, and glued together in front of the TV in an evening. If you’re looking for something a little more colourful, cut simple circles out of felt, then cut in half and stitch the semi-circles to a length of ribbon or tape to create some scalloped bunting, or make yarn tassles and thread them onto a long length of wool.

Hair Accessories

There are so many great DIY projects for beach wedding hair; if you’re keeping it natural and sticking with the relaxed beach theme, leaving hair in loose waves and accessorising with a simple headband or hairclips with added silk flowers or shells looks perfect, while any brides opting for an up-do can make their own beaded hairpins by simply gluing a selection of pearls to the ends. If you’re looking for something a little more eclectic, try creating a 1950s vintage-style headdress with a plain headband, a piece of netting and a small assortment of silk roses or carnations.


Beach footwear has a lot more to cope with than standard concrete; sand and shingle can play havoc with delicate heels, and any accessorised shoes should have their decorative pieces attached firmly. If you’re going barefoot, why not channel your inner-hippy and opt for some temporary artistic tattoos, made up of intertwining flowers, stems and foliage or a romantic quote. Ordinary flat pumps or sandals can be transformed by attaching lengths of lace, ribbon or pearls for a vintage look, or colourful beads and buttons for something a little brighter and more eclectic. Alternatively, fabric based shoes can be dip dyed to create an ombre effect, and a nice finishing touch is to write, ‘I Do’ on the bottom of the soles in permanent marker, as a reminder of your special day.


If you’re tying the knot during the day, lighting won’t be high on your list of priorities, but a dusk beach wedding can be truly magical; think candles everywhere, flickering in the gentle breeze and casting long shadows. DIY tea light holders are easy to make; simply cover glass jars with fabric, lace or ribbon and then dig firmly into the sand to create a path to the alter, or dip the bottoms into different coloured paints and then string from trees or nearby posts. Alternatively, create mini lanterns by punching holes into tin cans, then covering them with paper or fabric and stringing up in long garlands, or keep to the beach theme by collecting driftwood and then drilling holes in the centre to hold small candles. If you have access to an outdoor power supply, make simple fairy lights with lampshades by cutting a cross in the bottom of a coloured paper cup and then feeding the light bulb through the centre.

The Wedding Breakfast

Wherever you’re getting married, the decoration of the reception venue is something that always takes a lot of consideration; if you’re continuing the celebrations outside, any table accessories are going to need to be heavy enough to withstand sea breezes and coastal gusts. To bring the ocean theme to your reception, create beautiful centrepieces using large vases decorated with lace trim and filled with shells and pretty stones, or use painted driftwood decorated with silk flowers for something a little more eclectic. If you prefer flowers, fill jam jars and tins with bright and cheerful Sweet Peas, Dianthus and Sweet Williams, or use silk flowers to make garlands to string across the backs of chairs.