The last few days have been so quiet and low key. We had a wedding yesterday, very simple, just the two of them…but how hard it was to leave the house! I’ve felt like living in my pajamas 24/7. It was a busy (BUSY) November and December and the last week of December has been such a nice little break.

I meant to post these pictures on Christmas Day but never found the time (oh ok…more so the motivation!) to get online and write up the post. Just like my Halloween post, it has nothing to do with destination weddings, but I love themes and it’s a nice break away from the sand & sea. I had fun on Etsy looking for “Christmas” or “Holiday” weddings. But with the blizzard hitting some parts of the US, I figured a snowflake theme was more appropriate. Some of my favorite finds:

A snowflake bouquet:

The popular “Here Comes the Bride” sign with snowflakes:

Snowflake necklaces for your bridal party:

Some decor for the reception that can later be used around your home for the holidays:

And of course, a necessity for any tree:

Happy Holidays!