You may remember I attended my brothers wedding back in April. April is a very busy wedding season for us and it just wasn’t possible for my husband to join me for the wedding, as he needed to stay behind for weddings here in the islands. I was pretty bummed that he couldn’t come…the way our business works, it’s really hard for both of us to be off island at the same time and he often misses out on events. I knew I would be bummed that he wouldn’t be in any family photos and then an idea came to me….Face-ka-bobs!

Face Ka Bobs allows you to upload a headshot and then they will turn it into a “head on a stick” (I Google’s “head on a stick” in order to find a company that could make this for me…I don’t recommend Googling “head on a stick” – stay away from the images section).

I had to trick my husband into looking into the camera for me and smiling. I told him I was testing something on my camera and he obliged. I then sent them the image and they sent me this awesomeness in the mail:

I didn’t tell him I had done this so I texted him the above photos from the wedding…his response was “that’s really creepy and awesome”.

I hope my sister-in-law didn’t mind him photo bombing a couple family portraits…

How creepy and awesome are Face-ka-bobs?! I know how many of my couples have friends and family back home that aren’t able to join them for their destination weddings…wouldn’t this be a fun surprise for them?! Show them a picture of “them” on the beach with you on your wedding day?!