I’m starting to get a lot of panicky emails about the weather. Even more so from my New England brides! We had an amazing wedding last night at Villa Botanica and most of the guests that attended are now stranded on St. Thomas with their return flights home cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. Which honestly…I can’t think of anything better than being FORCED to stay in the islands longer! =)

But in all seriousness, I want my brides to know that the weather here is absolutely gorgeous. The only affects of the storm are the amazing waves and kicked up ocean we can see from our back deck:

This photo was taken with my husbands cell phone so the quality is not so great – you can’t really see how blue the sky is – it’s not really as overcast as it looks in the photo.

This blog post was created to explain our Plan Bs to brides. Click on the link – hopefully the result will be calmed nerves! Please avoid looking at online weather sites for extended day forecasts – they are so inaccurate! Locals will get a confused look on their face if you ask them “have you looked at the weather report?” – we just don’t even pay attention to it because it’s so wrong all the time. I had a bride once email me and say that the week they would be on island said 30% chance of rain all week and what were we going to do?! I laughed to myself because EVERY DAY says 30% chance of rain.

My best advice:

– don’t look at online weather reports
– don’t waste a minute worrying about the weather. It is not something we can control, but we can control the way we react to it. You have hired a wedding planner for a reason. We will take care of Plan B. You take care of making sure there are no worry lines on your face for your photos. Everything will work out.

Besides, the only thing that matters is that by the end of the day, you are married to your best friend, right? Who cares if that is done under an umbrella or not?! =)

New Englanders: good luck!! We are thinking about you!!