I realized today that my last blog post was on the 2nd. Oops! The last two weeks have been crazy busy around here – we have had weddings every day since November 30th! I actually have the next five days off and plan to get caught up on blogs, emails and getting my January in order so that I can enjoy the holiday season once my kiddos get out of school next Friday. It’s such a magical time of year – definitely one of my favorites. I’m working from home this morning and as I look out over the ocean and the cloudy skies, it almost looks like winter! We’ve had a lot of rain showers this morning and if you squint, it almost looks like it’s snowing. I’m thankful for some time off to get caught up and even MORE thankful that the rain held off until today and we were able to get through 12/12/12 with no showers!

I didn’t really have anything planned to blog about today but I do have some ideas in mind for future posts. I want to start a “Helpful Hints” series that will go over various topics that I think will help brides through the sometimes stressful process of wedding planning. I’m hoping to get that started next week. For today though, I’ll share some photos of some recent weddings:

Still one of my favorite set-ups: blue mason jars with flowers, bamboo chairs….

Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

Not all of our weddings are at the beach. This wedding was at the Dutch Reformed Church which was all decked out for Christmas:

Island Bliss Weddings

And on the deck of Sand Dollar Estates:

Island Weddings

But lots of beach weddings of course! An afternoon ceremony at Maho Beach, St. John (the officiate is looking off at a ship in the distance that blew a conch shell when the bride & groom were pronounced husband and wife!)

Maho Beach wedding

Our lanterns in use at Secret Harbor Beach Resort (a nice shady spot for the guests!)

island weddings

More to come over the next five days!