Happy Halloween from Island Bliss Weddings! Having two small children of my own, this week has been full of dressing up and getting ready for the big day tomorrow. I couldn’t help but think of a Halloween wedding I saw on the TLC Network a few years ago. The bride’s father was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera (appropriate, as he was able to wear a tux!) and the groom was dressed like Dracula and the bride…well, she was a princess of course! All the guests were asked to come in costume…it looked like it was such a blast! I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to help plan a Halloween wedding, being that we’re pretty pigeon-holed as a Destination Wedding spot! But if I ever have a bride who chooses to have her ceremony on Halloween (which is all together possible if a ship comes in to port on Halloween Day), I’m going to have to strongly encourage her to celebrate the holiday in some small way or the other. What do you think about this amazing cake I found on pinkcakebox.com? I just love it!