My wonderful husband got me a new wedding bag for Valentine’s Day this year. My old one, which I adored since it had my logo on it, just wasn’t cutting it. Too small and it was just one big open bag. Everything got thrown in there and mixed up and made it hard to find. And dangerous. Loose boutonniere pins were ready to strike any time you put your hand in there. My new bag may not be as pretty, but it’s certainly going to be handy!

So he gave me an hour away from the kids yesterday so that I could organize my new bag. I started emptying out my old bag, finding zip ties, safety pins, Advil, all the normal things a wedding planner needs to have on hand…and came across something a little strange…

I wasn’t quite sure how this little rubber frog ended up in my wedding bag. I asked my oldest daughter Marley why her froggie was hiding in my bag. And her answer was quite brilliant…”for the princess mommy! In case she needs to kiss a frog!”.

How awesome is that?? I never thought to keep spare frogs in my bag, just in case any of my “princesses” (aka brides – they are one in the same in the mind of a 4 year old) needed a prince on her wedding day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!