I know I’ve been missing from the site. We’ve had a crazy busy January AND my computer crashed recently. 🙁 Between switching computer and recovering data and keeping up with weddings & emails, I’ve been working 24/7. But, when you love what you do, it’s not all that bad!

I know you all must be interested in knowing who won the Seas & Greetings! décor! Congratulations to the Rydyks!! I’ll be getting that in the mail to you this week!

In the meantime for all our upcoming brides….we FINALLY have a decorated aisle décor guideline created! Email me for more info on aisle décor and pricing for such beautiful décor like I have posted below:

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blue jars with starfish conch and palms decorated tikis driftwood floral bricks 2 floral bricks flowers mason jars Fotor010990310 just palms 2 just palms lanterns white lanterns with hooks lanterns wood