I love boat weddings, they are so unique and so much fun for your guests. I think it takes a certain type of couple to want one of these weddings though. They are not your traditional, walk down the aisle type affairs. They usually end with the bride & groom jumping off the boat in their wedding clothes! I always get such positive feedback from guests though, how much fun they had, how they will always remember this wedding, etc. They really end up being a great value too – the boat provides breakfast, lunch, snacks, FULL open bar (no skimping on the bar with any boat company!) and snorkel equipment. Yes, I said snorkel equipment. You don’t get that included too many times with traditional weddings, whether they are destination weddings or not! You can chose to do a full day event, 1/2 day event, sunset cruise, etc. Lots of different options – with the ceremony on the beach and the reception on the boat following or both on board.

I grabbed a few shots to share with you from a wedding this past weekend. Here are the guests, getting used to the boat, nice background, huh?

The bride and her father, walking down the “aisle”…

Not a bad ceremony site!

And their off to the reception – Honeymoon Beach on St. John for snorkeling and swimming!

If you want to stay a little more traditional with the wedding, don’t overlook this option for a very fun welcome party or post-wedding brunch.