Everyone should know by now about my love of Etsy.com where everything is hand-crafted. So it’s only appropriate that my favorite element of Jennifer & Aaron’s wedding would be her wedding dress. Jennifer’s dress was handmade by one of her best friends. Jennifer sketched out some ideas and her friend put it all together for her. I’m always in such awe over this kind of skill, and definitely jealous – I’d love to be able to make clothes (or anything for that matter!).

Jennifer & Aaron were married on gorgeous Lindquist Beach at sunset with just her parents in attendance. After a few more days on island, they headed home to Michigan to host a huge reception for friends & family there. Aaron told me he was doing the catering himself (he is a trained chef) and I reeeeaaalllllly wish I could have been one of the guests – the whole menu was Korean and Asian themed, some of my faaavoorites….and hard to come by on the island of St. Thomas. Congratulations Jennifer & Aaron on a beautiful St. Thomas wedding and congratulations to Jennifer on marrying an awesome chef!