We decided to get married in St. Thomas and when reviewing all the other wedding planners Janelle had the best reviews. I had emailed various wedding planners and talked to quite a few on the phone and to be honest I went with Janelle because she was the only one that responded the next day with all my questions answered, no fluff or “we will need to talk further about this on the phone.” For me due to work and the time difference, email is the best way to communicate and Janelle was always on top of my questions. We live in Tucson, AZ and we were going to be on a cruise with about 25 guests; Janelle and her team assisted with transportation, the reception, and getting in contact with someone for the decorations. Her team even helped us with getting our friend licensed in St. Thomas so she could officiate our wedding. I was not really nervous throughout this whole process and then when we got to St. Thomas and her husband, Stuart (who is a rock-star) picked us up and looked at me and said, “your pretty quiet and calm for a bride, are you nervous?” and I responded, “well I have never met or even talked to Janelle on the phone and this is the day it all happens so I am not going to freak out now.” It nearly brings me to tears when I reflect on our special day, everything was absolutely perfect; from the time we arrived at the beach, to seeing my future husband stand along the panoramic ocean scene, to hearing my best-friend say “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” to seeing the beautiful arrangement and set-up at Sunset Grille for our reception we could not have been more blessed to have Janelle and her team assist us with all of this. Janelle we cannot express how grateful we are to you and your amazing team. I may have never met or spoken with you but you will always be in our hearts as giving us the most epic, beach, bikini wedding in St. Thomas!!! All of our blessings.