My real life new staff member will probably be annoyed that the car got top billing here, but I’m pretty excited about the newest addition to our fleet of cars!

It’s a BMW X5 and it’s really fun to drive…although I think the first time I took a couple to the courthouse in it, I’m pretty sure I made them carsick. I was still adjusting to it (ok, still am, it takes me awhile…).

I spend a lot of time answering the same questions over & over and it’s totally my own fault. One thing Island Bliss Weddings’s is lacking is an FAQ section somewhere on the website and it’s my goal to get that completed by the end of the year. I often get asked what the included transportation is in our packages…is it a taxi? Limo? Well, here’s the answer…

We have a Lincoln Navigator and now, a BMW X5. 90% of the time, it will be one of these two cars that picks you up but if for any reason, these cars are not available, we hire a Cadillac Escalade or similar SUV to pick you up. The islands, being as mountainous as they are, are HARD on cars. We have to replace the breaks and tires at least once a year. Plus, the ocean environment does it’s damage as well. The Lincoln has been in the shop for a total of at least 2.5 months this past year. With this in mind, we can never guarantee which car will be picking you up. We can take requests, but they cannot always be honored.

I had a bride email me this past summer that she was disappointed in the car that picked her up – during the planning process, she had asked what kind of car it would be and at the time I answered it would be a Lincoln Navigator. A day before her wedding, the Navigator broke down and went into the shop. We rented the nicest car we could find with such short notice, and while it was a full sized SUV, it was not a luxury brand car. I learned my lesson right then and there to never say with absolutely certainty which car will be used. I also took down “transportation in a luxury SUV” from the website. While we will always do our best to use either the Navigator or the BMW, again, these cars cannot be guaranteed. We prefer not to rent a car, as it costs us money (we would never pass on the cost of a car rental to a client because one of our cars is broken down!) so we do our best to maintain them, but again, we often don’t know until the actual wedding day which car will be used. We have recently found a taxi driver who drives a very nice Escalade and he is our “Plan B” in the event that neither car can be used. We even have a taxi driver that drives a very nice Navigator for “Plan C”. So there is a very good chance that a luxury SUV will be picking you up….but I never want to disappoint another bride again based on the car that picked her up so I will not advertise that an SUV, luxury or otherwise, will be picking you up.

I do promise that you will not be picked up in a jalopy.