Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Maria had devastating effects on our islands. Two Category 5 hurricanes within the span of two weeks was truly unprecedented and heartbreaking. However, as each day goes by, the islands become more and more green. The beaches still have white sands, the water is still that gorgeous turquoise blue. The islands will return better than ever.

My husband and I have relocated temporarily to Naples, FL. As many of my brides already know, we have been renting a house here since July, following our daughter’s back surgery so that she would be closer to doctors and have better access to rehabilitation facilities. Little did we know that the decision to rent a house in Florida for our daughter’s health would double in being our refugee haven as well.

We still have staff “on the ground” in the islands. We are still very much able to assist in 2017 & 2018 weddings. I know many 2017 brides may want to cancel as their hotels may no longer be able to accommodate them but we are working on putting together a list of hotels, condos, B&Bs and villas that are still able to take guests. We hope to have this list completed by the end of October but feel free to email me sooner for the options we already have.

While many hotels may be closed, there are many wedding venues that are not! Villa Botanica and Norbu are ready for their next events. The beaches are ready to host both ceremonies & receptions. We encourage all our brides to continue with the planning process and for those that are interested in booking a destination wedding in the Virgin Islands, come on down! Our islands are centered around tourism and we will need all the love & support we can get to help the island get back on its feet. We are ready for you!