During my first year of business I was helping a bride plan her wedding at a villa in St. John. She had asked about renting a frozen drink machine but we had no luck finding such a rental place. She and her fiance came down for a pre-wedding visit and as luck would have it, sat next to the frozen drink machine rep on the island (the guy that goes around servicing the machines and selling the mixes). They were able to sweet talk him into a drink machine for their wedding week in St. John. I made the mistake of posting pictures of it somewhere and then brides were coming out of the woodwork looking to rent one for their wedding as well. Unfortunately, the drink machine guy wasn’t interested in making this a regular service and we just didn’t  have much luck providing this service.

Yesterday as I was leaving a wedding, a guy came up to me, put his business card in my hand and hurried away (I appreciated him not lingering around since I was with the bride & groom). When I took a look at the card, I almost jumped a little in air with excitement! Finally, someone is providing frozen drink machines for private events!! Woot woot!!!

Check them out at Island Freeze! You can email them at islandfreezedrink@yahoo.com