And I’m so thankful for it – I really am! I hate that I haven’t blogged as much as I would like but we’ve had so many weddings this month – and really, so many weddings since March! Our typical wedding season in the past was April/May/June but this year we have really been busy every month, and the “really” busy months have been March/April/May/June/July. I tell you, I’m ready for a vacation (which I will take next month!).

I take pictures at just about every one of our events and catalog them in a little zip drive thingy (I’m so not technical but I’m betting you know what I mean). I was putting some in there tonight and realized there are so many great photos I haven’t had a chance to put on in our photo albums or blog about. So here are just a few of my favorites from this month:

A gorgeous crystal seahorse cake topper. 

Pretty shell decor at a Sunset Grille lunch reception.

Lovely sunset wedding on St. John. This set up – just palms and a burlap runner, was very pretty.

We very rarely do weddings at the Frenchman’s Reef Wedding Gazebo but weirdly, we had two in one day last week!

And more gorgeous shell & coral centerpieces!

Hopefully more blog posts to come – soon!