It’s OCTOBER!!! It’s my FAVORITE month! I really do get giddy over October. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and then with Thanksgiving and Christmas following…what could be better?! Nothing! I LOVE the holidays!

And to kick off the holiday season, it’s time for a giveaway! It’s been so long since we’ve done a giveaway and you know what, it’s time!

I read a book review for I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag in People Magazine earlier this year. I immediately bought it on Amazon. It a memoir by Jennifer Gilbert, founder & owner of Save the Date, a very popular wedding & event planning company in NYC. Jennifer’s book is the true story of surviving a brutal act of violence in her early twenties and how she overcame this tragedy and built up an amazing event planning business. She made it her life mission to make other peoples joyous events amazing, to mask the dark space where she came from. I know it sounds a little dark, but really, it’s so inspirational. I knew it promised funny stories of bridezillas (they exist!) and insight on how to be a better event planner. I really do feel that after reading this book I had a clearer vision on how I wanted to run my own company and provide the best services to my clients. And it really did have me laughing…she coined the term “binder bride” for me. When I mentioned it to my husband he said, “oh yes, binder brides!, it’s the perfect way to describe them!”. I can laugh because I myself was a binder bride…hauling a huge three ring binder to work every day during our engagement so I could plan & organize ideas. There would be weeks at a time that I wouldn’t even open it, but yet everyday I hauled it to work and hauled it back home at the end of the day.

So….how can you win your very own copy?! And a few other goodies I’ll toss in for you?! Here’s how!

If you are a past clients and used Island Bliss to plan your wedding day, you must pick out your favorite wedding photo and post it to our Facebook wall along with your wedding date & location. If you want TWO chances to win, you can also leave an online review for your wedding for us at Wedding Wire.

If you are a current client, you can enter to win by posting a picture of you & your fiance on our Facebook wall along with your future wedding date & location. If you want TWO chances to win, you must link our website or Facebook page in your status update.

The contest will run the entire month of October with the winner being chosen the first week of November and announced on both the blog & Facebook page.

And guess what else I’ll be doing this fine month? A few years ago I did a “my favorite things” post for each wedding that I had that month. Its been awhile since I did that so again, since this is my favorite month, I’m going to do it again! For each wedding we have this month, I will do a blog post on what my favorite element of the wedding way. Now, some of our packages do not include an on-site wedding planner so I may not get to do a post on each & every wedding, but I will certainly try. And I may even through out some fun holiday related wedding items. The blog will be busy this month for sure…and if I’m not here in blogland, you can find me skipping around the house singing “it’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the YEEEEAARRRR!” (I like to hit the high notes)