One of my husbands and I favorite restauant in St. Thomas was Jack’s Wings in Tillet Gardens. Before we had kids, we went there at least twice a week to sit at the bar and enjoy everyone’s company. Post kids, we would let the little ones run around the garden and enjoy the fun island setting of Tillet. It was never really a place that I recommended for weddings. It was in the middle of the island (no ocean views) and a very local hangout. It was rare to see tourists there. I was really sad to find out that Jack’s Wings was closing…but very excited to learn that they weren’t really closing, just moving locations. And the new location?? Amazing. Forget about being inland, how much closer to the water can you get then THIS:

Yes, those are stairs leading right into the water! They are hoping to offer dingy service to the bar! How cool would it be to be picked up by dingy from your hotel and brought to the restaurant??

This is the old Fungi’s location at Point Pleasant Resort – they did a wonderful job repainting the interior.

There is also some great outdoor space for semi-private events.

I think this is just the perfect location for welcome parties and casual receptions. There is even a beach within walking distance…

Check out the view from the beach…that’s Jack’s Bight there on the right hand side. I wasn’t kidding, it’s RIGHT on the water.

Their website is not together yet, but check out Jack’s Bight on Facebook!