I started going through the photos I took in June and thought…uh oh…I really don’t have all that many to share! But then I started looking through the photos from Simple Island Photography and in fact, I did! Simple Island is a team of photographers and I usually get to keep a copy of all the photos (as I’m the photographer myself about 50% of the time) so it was fun pulling out some of my favorite images from each wedding.

I started doing the monthly recaps a few months ago – it’s a great way to share a lot of photos that may otherwise not get shared and just sit in my data storage. It is not meant to showcase each wedding we did that month. I really wish I could but I don’t always have access to the photos from each wedding nor am I at each of our events. I’ve felt really bad the last couple of months as I always get at least one or two emails from a bride that was disappointed her wedding didn’t make make the re-cap. I think I do add at least one photo from each wedding that I have photos of…so if you don’t see your wedding but would like to be on the blog, please send me some photos! I’d love to do a blog post for you.

As always, a very random assortment of photos

I think I’m going to do a blog post soon on just boutonnieres. They don’t get as much attention as they should.

This couple chose to do a boat wedding where we rented a boat and a captain for the day – they got married on a little deserted island off the shores of St. John and then island hopped all day!

Not a bad way to spend your wedding day, huh?!

This couple below was married at the GORGEOUS Coco de Mer villa in the exclusive Peter Bay neighborhood of St. John. We actually just did our wedding last night there as well!

One of our brides last month sent down this “monkey knots” for her table number holders. They had arrived off a cruise ship and I thought this little knot idea was pretty clever. The owner of Villa Botanica, where she had her ceremony & reception got a little laugh when I had asked her if she had ever seen monkey knots before and she says “monkey nuts?”.

I really love the combo of green and white tropical bouquets.

Blue has been a popular color this year as well.

A bird of paradise in the bouquet is always a fun and tropical touch.

One of my favorites this past month was this coral and yellow though. The gloriosa lilies were the perfect shade.

And more centerpieces from this past month.

These name cards were etched onto pieces of driftwood. Very cool!

A morning wedding on Hawksnest Beach..

Ha! And another party we coordinated this month? My daughter Maya’s 5th birthday party! She loves penguins so we did an entire penguin theme.

You may want something more simple for your own cake though. 🙂

One of my favorite favors (although I think I’m cheating here – this wedding was actually in July) were these koozies!

I wanted to get koozies for my daughter’s birthday party but my husband convinced me they were not appropriate for a childs birthday party! If only they made juice box koozies…

This was a pretty wedding at Lime Tree Beach, St. Thomas. They were crew members on the Disney ship!

A ceremony all set up and ready to go at Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas.

A bride sent me this fun picture of her bridesmaids at Sapphire Beach Resort – great colors!

And unfortunately, we did have some rain issues in June, but that didn’t stop this couple from enjoying the beach.

I really loved this rose petal patterned aisle.

More centerpieces! I told you, this program just throws up the photos randomly!

The elegant ombre ruffle cake!

How adorable!!!

This was a bride after my own heart with all her seahorse details. Each chair had a vintage hankie and a fan with a white seahorse stenciled on.

This bride here? Very last minute! I got a phone call almost asking if they could get married TOMORROW. Sure! Our officiate just took a few photos for them with a small point and click camera…which still turned out lovely! Just proves you don’t need all that much time to plan! =)

Probably our most popular live music request…steel pan!

Its always a good idea to have a vase or two handy to put your bouquet in – make it work double duty and add some additional decor to the reception.

I took this while the photographer set the group up for a group shot…I loved the tropical jungle feel.

And a Trunk Bay sunset…nothing is better.

Another…this group was a hoot!

Trunk Bay once again…

And that’s all for now! Please send in your photos if you’d like to be featured on the blog!!