Now that the holidays are fully over (so sad, I’m going to miss them!), I am getting bombarded with emails from brides that have been putting off their planning until after the holidays. It’s kind of fun to watch my inbox fill up…there are the brides that vowed to email me before 2009 was over, so that they could ring in the new year knowing that particular task was off their plate…the ones that waited for their new year hangovers to subside and then email me with details and questions…and of course, those new years eve engagements asking for more information. Needless to say, my inbox has been growing and I’ve been staying up late to make sure I get to everyone. We have our first wedding of 2010 tomorrow and I’m going back and forth between preparing for that and getting those answers out to brides.

We spent some time over the weekend updating the site – take a look and tell me what you think! I did away with the Island Bliss Weddings header at the top and replaced it with some wedding photos. We tweaked some of the packages (all packages booked prior will remain the same) and plan to add more packages in the next week or so. Exciting times and exciting changes!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!