Mix it all together and you can’t really ask for more! Check out these pictures that EJ from Paradise Pictures shared with me from one of our weddings:

Check out that unbelievable water!

I love shots like this, where the rings and champagne are in focus but the bride and groom are slightly blurred…

A bit out of order but hey, it’s been a long day and I’m too tired to rearrange it. =)

And that bright orange POP that is so pretty with the blue water! By the way, this bride & groom visited St. Thomas via Oasis of the Seas (the new BIG ship from Royal Caribbean). She brought her bouquet with her, getting the fresh flowers from the ship. They looked great!

And um….before I forget…I did it! 17 posts in the month of March!! It may be 8:15pm on the 31st, but darn it, I did it! I think that is the record for me with blog posts in one month. And I admit, I did cheat by doing a post with just a picture and did a couple of days with two posts per day. But I did it regardless of my cheating tactics. =)