I should clarify that this is not a photo of one of my weddings. I found the photo on Pinterest and forgot to note the source. But I love this idea for aisle decor. I think there are two great ways to do this…as above, these are photos of the bride & groom as children – you could start with a baby photo and work your way down the aisle so that the last photo could be an engagement photo. A little progression of your lives.

I thought of another idea although it could be real tear jerker. What about putting photos of loved ones that have passed in the frames? It would be a lovely way to incorporate their memory & spirit in the wedding day. And if it was a father that had passed and there were photos of dad lining the aisle, it would almost be a way for dad to walk the bride down the aisle….I love this idea but honestly, what bride would be able to make it down that aisle with a dry eye?! May be too tough to pull off.