You have no idea how many times brides have sent me this image:

Brides love, love, love those hanging shells. Vendors…not so much. 🙂 They are really expensive and just a slight breeze can turn those beautiful hanging shells into a bit of mess. When done properly though, I admit that it’s really pretty.

But back to that expensive part…they are. Last month though, I assisted a bride that used to live here in St. Thomas and the bride informed me that her husband to be planned to build their own arch and would decorate it themselves. I couldn’t wait to see it as he cut down fresh bamboo (the pretty green color) and she hang these beautiful shells on the arch.

(Hopefully Jenna will send me a better pic…hint hint Jenna…this Instagram photo makes the wood look dark brown instead of green).

The shells were just gorgeous and I had to ask the bride where she found them. I’m always looking for a good deal on these pricey little discs and much to my surprise, she made them! She said they weren’t shells at all but made out of….get this…toilet paper and wax paper!

I did a quick Google search and found this blog. It didn’t include toilet paper (disappointing, right?) but I had to share with any other crafty DIY brides out there.