Oh, to be in the throws of busy season…it is just nuts! I feel like I am either at a wedding or I am behind the computer 24/7. It’s a good thing I love my job! I can’t imagine doing anything else. But during busy season…my mind can wander to the the beach, or a boat, a hammock and I wish I was doing that instead!

If you’re trying to get a hold of me in April or May, email is really the very best way. I try not to answer the phone when I’m on-site and when I’m behind the computer, it can be hard to answer and break concentration while doing emails (I’m in the zone, man!). Emailing questions or emailing to schedule a conference call is best.

 I had the March re-cap on my to do list since the end of March. I just went through the pictures and I am so glad I’m doing these monthly re-caps. So many of the following images would have just been kept on my jump drive and never shared! So sit back, we’ve got a lot to go through!

I love images like the one in this Brewer’s Bay photo below. My mother would say “but they are way down at the bottom!”. Exactly.

Ha! We had to make a hat for my daughters preschool Easter egg hunt (which put me even more behind on emails!). I hope everyone had a good holiday!

My “mini-vacation” – I had a villa wedding on the far east end of St. John – the only hotel in this area is the Concordia Eco Resort. My “sweet suite” below. My friend told me this is “glamping” – glamorous camping. Can’t beat that view though, huh?

Pretty little boutonniere.

We’ve had a lot more requests lately for snacks at ceremonies. I found this little seahorse cheese cutter on eBay. You know I had to have it!

A really lovely ceremony on Lime Tree Beach – these petals? Yummy dessert for the iguanas! You need to see more of this wedding – it was gorgeous. Check it out here.

Not the best picture in the world – taken with my little point & shoot camera – but I love the look of the lanterns and burlap runner. Very neutral and classic. Brides often tell me they was “simple but elegant” – if you think about this phrase, it’s really hard to nail down what this really means. But I think this picture just about covers it.

I could go on and on about this Oppenheimer wedding below. The couple was just so sweet and fun to work with and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about having both the ceremony and reception at Oppenheimer but it totally worked out and was goooorgeous.

I told you….lots of food requests….

Love this wedding at Sand Dollar Estates. You can’t see the lanterns here very well (different then the white ones above) but this was also very pretty.

Yay for sunsets on Brewer’s Bay!

I stalked this chalkboard on the website that was selling it for months. Everything I would check, they would be sold out. Finally one day a few weeks ago, they had them in stock! I snatched up two and a day later? They were sold out again!

Look at Mr. Crab! I was taking a picture of the bouquet and he showed up to say hi.

And Yay! for sunsets on Trunk Bay. You can’t beat the magic lighting at a Trunk Bay sunset wedding.

This may be slowing me down with emails. Another picture of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix on my lap while I type. You’d think three sleeping kittens on your lap wouldn’t be hard to work around. They are. And St. Croix? He has to go to the vet tomorrow. We’re pretty sure he broke his front leg. And you know what that means? Non-stop meeeeeooooowww, meeeeoooowwww….But St. Thomas & St. John? They so want you to take them home! Adopt them! I’ll cover their adoption fees!

That Oppenheimer Wedding again…how pretty were these chairs? We needed them for the Hora but they worked great as a little lounge during cocktail hour. The white lanterns are hanging in the trees. How cool? Very.

I think I shared this already in a blog post last month. I don’t care. It’s so pretty, it needs to be shared again.

And OMG…as I was going through the photos I found this and I can’t believe I forgot to blog about it! At our Sand Dollar Villa reception, our bride use white luggage tags attached to a sand dollar for the place card/favors. Pretty right? But wait…

Look at the monogram on the back!! Love this idea!

Oh yea, Oppenheimer again. In case you didn’t know, I have no control of the way this blog uploaded the photo – it chose some random order. Let’s go with it. =)

You may have seen something similar on Pinterest? Our caterer (Passion Fruit Chefs), they got it done! Apparently they have the inside info on a local coconut man. Fill with a painkiller, add a straw, you’re good to go!

That new chalkboard sign has lots of good uses! This sign is hard to display if it can’t be hung up somewhere. Chalkboard sign saves the day.

Phew! And onward we march into April….