May was such a fun month and it blows me away that it is already over and we’re almost done with the first week of June! May is typically our busiest month – it’s a month we reference all the time such as “I’m pretty busy this week…I’m not MAY BUSY…but I’m busy”. So you can be sure I have a TON of photos to share for our May re-cap. I just upload them all from a special folder so they kind of get mixed up and as I’m sure some of my brides already know, I have a stack of emails to respond to so I’m not going to take the time to reshuffle them. Hopefully this will all make sense!

One of my favorite couples of the month – they were so young and soooo in love! They had such an interesting history together. They met when there were only 12 years old and had a long distance relationship when his family moved to Europe (where they still live). He had to make a choice to take a job in London or follow his heart back to California for the woman he loved. You can see he made a pretty great choice below!

We had some really gorgeous bouquets this month!

I can’t even explain how much I loved this color combo below. His tie was AWESOME.

Our roses are always willing to sacrifice their petals for the infamous toss photo!

Some of our yummy cakes…I wish I had a better picture of the cake below, it was so pretty!

We’re doing more and more snack trays at beach weddings.

And I am LOVING my new octopus platter! I’ve recently added seahorse tongs to our collection as well.  A photographer saw me set up the octopus and asked if the cake was going to go on top….I think my jaw hit the sand and said, No, but that’s an Awesome idea!!

Last month we had a lady in red, this month is a lady in blue! Go for color ladies, there is no rule that says you have to had white!

Island Bliss Weddings

Floral is ok too! It made for some nice contrast with the St. John sandy beach photo!

St. John beaches

St. John wedding planners

Some girls sure know how to rock the white though! Love this couple and their beach (Lindquist – my fave!).

Some centerpieces from our events this month.

You can’t really tell in the photo below but the blue and white in this centerpieces really complimented the blue fabric at Villa Botanica – it really pulled it all together very nicely.

These lanterns work so well either as a centerpiece or as aisle decor.

You see what I mean now about these photos being horribly out of order, huh? Here’s our handsome groom stuck between centerpiece photos and a bucket of shoes!

But these flip flops are a lot of fun for receptions. A lot of ladies appreciate the flops after being in heels for a few hours!

I thought this was a pretty funny picture – kind of looks like one of the new miniature camera things where they make everything look out of scale.  (In case you’re wondering, it’s really just a cake topper!)

Yes, this kind of thing does happen at my weddings! It’s the Harlem Shake baby!

And another random centerpiece photo. =)

I just thought this photo by Simple Island Photos was fun!

And I loved this favor idea – cute little bags with a stamped starfish and inside? Mini bottles of Cruzan Rum!

These hanging mason jars with flowers are really popular right now. I love how the jars can be reused for more flowers at the reception.

A beautiful setup at Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas:

And I have no idea what’s going on here!

Or here! Just chillax’in in a palm tree! But I love the coconut tree forest at Magen’s Bay – makes a great backdrop for photos.

We did a double wedding this month too!

And one under the coconut trees at Maho Bay, St. John.

The next few pictures are from an event we did at Oceana (St. Thomas). There was a threat of rain so we put the tent up…ended up with no rain, but the tent still worked out well! The ceremony was under the tent and then we had dancing there after dinner. It was a beautiful event!

This photo reminds of a little European bistro, don’t you think? 

And yes, we do have those blue votives for rent!

This wedding below was at Sand Dollar and….you will flip when you see her centerpieces!

Amazing right? I was in awe…took a ton of photos! She also mailed down this gorgeous chalkboard sign…I loved it and totally bought it off of her. Do you know I do that? I often shop at my brides weddings! A lot of times it’s easier for the bride to sell something then it is to ship or lug it home. This is hanging in my office right now and I have plans to put our “Scott Summer Fun List” on it with a list of fun things for the kids to do this summer. But I’ll let you use it for your wedding if you like! =)

This is another Sand Dollar Estate wedding we did last month. The color combo of yellow and blue was so pretty.

And their sunset photos were great! This couple was a lot of fun to work with. They were very much phone planners – not too much via email – which is a challenge for me when we have so many events, but it all came together beautifully!

This was a small wedding at a St. Thomas villa but lots of attention to detail…

Including a custom blue aisle runner!

Ah…sunset at Trunk…nothing better!

Oh and THIS! I loved this! This bride & groom bought some New Orleans traditions with them, including the 2nd Line. I knew what the 2nd Line was, but I’m not sure I knew that’s what it was called. Have you ever been to a New Orleans wedding? It’s a tradition for there to be a little Mardi Gras-esque parade from the ceremony to the reception. We changed it up a little here and had it towards the end of the night. It was a lot of fun and I can’t express enough how great it when you couples bring these special touches with them.

I hope you enjoyed the May re-cap! I wish I could share photos from each and every wedding but often times I don’t have photos. If you were married in May, please feel free to send me some of your favorite pictures – I’d be happy to post them!