The most special thing about your wedding day is what you do to make it your own – not what Martha Stewart tells you what to do, but those special touches that are unique to the two of you. These are always my favorite elements of someone’s wedding and so I like to share them with you guys when I see them.

Allen and Alissa were married last weekend at Sand Dollar Estates (the same villa that President Clinton stays in when he visits!) and I have a ton of pictures to share from their day, but for now, I want to share the cake topper that Alissa suprised Allen with. Allen’s hobby is flying and he flew Alissa to Put-In Bay, Ohio for their first date! I’m sorry, but if I guy flew me anywhere for a first date, I think he would have had me at “this is your Captain speaking…”

It’s this beautiful? Made from glass, I think it looked like a miniature ice sculpture on his cake!