I am a huge fans of vintage bottles topped with seashells. I first saw them at a local shop and squealed with joy when I saw them…then cried a little when I saw the price. Now, the store I was in is not exactly known for having great prices. So as with everything in life, I headed to etsy to see if I could find anything similar for less. I was very happy to find them on etsy (slightly disappointed that they were just as expensive)…but I did find something pretty amazing I had to share with you!!

How perfect is this for a destination wedding?? I think it would of course be fabulous if used for a sand ceremony, but I think it would also make a cute gift to give to someone. The seller, beautifuldetailswed, has a lot of other great ideas for beach weddings as well (look for the cute ring bearer pillow/shell).

And while your shopping, pick this up for me from peacockstainedglass, m’kay?