I don’t have any tattoos or really ever had a strong urge to get one. I could never figure out what I wanted or where I would put it. But I’ve always loved seahorses (this sounds a bit morbid, but when I was a little girl growing up in Indiana, I had a dried seahorse in a little plastic container – must have been from a trip to Florida – but I counted it as one of my prized possessions!). So when I started Island Bliss, I knew I wanted seahorses as my theme. A few years ago, we started attaching little silver seahorses to our wedding bouquets as a gift to our brides. I kind of started thinking, if I ever do get a tattoo, I’d love to get a little seahorse. So I got very excited when one of my brides ran with the seahorse theme for her reception at Cabrita Cliff Haus here on St. Thomas.

Check our the adorable drink stirrers she made:

And the favor tags:

That little seahorse is ADORABLE! If I ever get the courage to get a “tat”, I’m totally taking these pictures with me and telling them to make me a cute little seahorse just like these little guys! I kind of like the deep purple look too. =)

And I promise, if I ever do it, I’ll post about it!