I can not take credit for this idea or this wedding, I believe all the credit goes to the bride and Havana Blue, but I just had to share this. I am definitely looking forward to a bride that wants to do this at her own reception. I think it is so beautiful!

Of course, not every wedding really needs name cards or a seating chart. But I have found that when you have a larger crowd and multiple tables, people actually do like to be told where to sit. I’ve been to too many weddings in the states where the bride decided to let people chose where to sit and what happens is, guests arrive at the reception and throw their purse or coat on a seat and walk away. So as you walk around and try to find a place to sit, you have no idea how many seats are taken up at a table, who you are sitting with, if there is enough room for the other couple you want to sit with, etc…Ok, I’m going off course. This really isn’t a problem at destination weddings, but I wanted to vent my frustration to those stateside brides – use a seating chart! People expect and appreciate it!

So, back to the subject…place cards. I’ve seen them done a million different ways and my favorite is when they double as a favor (more to come on this subject later). But the other day, I stumbled upon a wedding and I was just delighted with the bride’s decision to make the place cards work double duty as table decor. Check these out!

Overall, these may be a little pricier than your everyday card holder but on the other hand, you don’t have to spend as much for table decor. The rose head is going to cost about $3 per rose, but you can get the glass votive fairly cheaply at places like save-on-crafts.com and orientaltrading.com. For me, the challenge would be to make the actual card, but that’s because we don’t have a craft store on the island. A bride could easily make the cards at home, ship them to me and we could make a gorgeous display of these at the entrance of the reception. Guest could pick up their name card/favor/table decor and head to their seat. These really looked wonderful on all the tables.

The best part? How well they coordinated with the amazing wedding cake from VI Desserts: