This was my first event at Ocean Palm Villa on St. John, way past Coral Bay. It’s in a remote little location but you never even need to leave – it has it’s own beach, pool and five star accommodations! This place is ah-mazing.

Jessica put a lot of work into DIY projects and we were there to make sure it all came together. One of my favorites was the photo booth.

I took this photo of the bride walking down the stairs to meet her brother would be escorting her down the aisle. I love happy accident shots like this.

The ceremony – the 2nd picture was taken from inside the house so the color is a little muted but I wanted to show the amazing view.

This was a fun group – the bridal party Gangham Styled down the aisle and during the reception, we staged the Harlem Shake! They went ALL OUT with the costumes, loved it!!

My youngest daughter is a huge fan of penguins – she loved the photo above! I may need to get one of these costumes for her birthday party this summer – I think my husband would look cute in it!