Ah, it’s only March 5th and we’re already 8 weddings into the month! I have to warn you, March/April/May are busy/busy/busy. Please forgive me for any delays in email but please do email instead of call – emails is always the best way to reach me.

Now that’s out of the way, please enjoy these AMAZING photos by Elisha Orin Photography from our wedding on Oppenheimer Beach last month. I love this location, just love it. So awesome for a wedding. I once had a couple cancel their Oppenheimer wedding because they couldn’t envision it there. Such a shame. At the end of this reception the groom told me “THIS is the place to be!”. Everyone loved it!

First we had a few drinks at Trunk Bay before the ceremony.

How stunning was this bride & groom?!

We moved everyone to Oppenheimer for the reception.


Lovely lantern details. =)


Such a fun crowd and such a great couple! Thanks Elisha for these photos!