I’m not new to Oriental Trading Co by any means. I’ve always used them for fun kids craft projects, inexpensive holiday decor and of course, birthday parties. The selection is vast and the prices are wonderful.

My oldest daughter is turning 7 at the end of this month and we’re giving her a nautical theme celebration. I headed to Oriental Tradings website and typed in “Nautical” to get some ideas on decor and favors. What I found in this section for weddings was what surprised me. I went ahead and ordered some items to get an idea of their quality and if they would work for a wedding.

I ordered a set of these starfish which I thought would look great dispersed through a long table/centerpiece. They are a little pricey at $24 for the set though. They look pretty cute in my office next to our coral pieces.

Another centerpiece idea I saw was this $20 terrarium. I filled it with shells and a starfish – a piece of fan coral would look great in here too but I didn’t have a piece small enough. The top does not have a glass piece so this would work well with a candle inside.
If you’re having a cruise ship wedding, you can get A LOT of great stuff. I ordered these bags for my daughters party favors.

They must have been a big hit because I can’t find them on their site anymore. I did find this replacement though which I think would actually work better. The tote above is very thin and being white, you can see through it with stuff inside of it. This tote is all navy so you wouldn’t have that issue.

For my daughters party, I bought these to put inside but they could be fun for a wedding too.

But there’s a lot of other great nautical themed gifts you could put inside such as this, this and this.

There was a whole slew of nautical themed wedding ideas. A popular idea these days are the wishing tree and I was surprised to see one for only $5! I ordered it just to see what the quality was like and I have to say, for $5 – it was a good deal!

Guests add their well wishes to the bride and groom on the little tag and hang it on the tree.

The tags are not very big though, so there probably isn’t much that they could really say before running out of room. But it’s a cute idea and only $5. One of the best deals I saw was this: wedding cake bunting. These are really popular lately and sell for a much MUCH higher amount of Etsy. These are only $3 on Oriental Trading! For something that will most likely get thrown away at the end of the night, $3 is a good deal.

You can see the entire Nautical Wedding Theme Collection they have here. But don’t stop there…shop around and see what else you find (and if it’s really cool – let me know about it!). I’m there today shopping for some back to school goodies for my girls to take on their first day and I can never resist checking out the fun stuff they have for Halloween!

(This is not a sponsored post. Oriental Trading has not asked me to write about them nor are they paying for this post. I just really like them!)