Photography Give-Away!!

I know the above image is hard to see – so click on it to be taken to The Loveliest Day blog to learn more about the amazing wedding photography giveaway by Love n Joy Photography. I have to disclose, I’ve never worked with Love n Joy before – but they contacted me and asked if I would help promote their giveaway. I’ve looked through their website and blog and really love their images. Check out the lovely slideshow on their website, so sweet! Love n Joy is run by two photographers, Kimothy Parker & Tess Polivka – friends since elementary school. I’m lucky enough to run a business with my best friend as well (hubby Stuart Scott!) so I’m very excited to help them reach a goal of expanding their destination wedding portfolios. How fun if one of my couples was the chosen winner??? So go! Deadline to apply is March 31st.

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