We believe photography is a very important aspect of your wedding day, something to share with friends & family who were not able to attend. We give all of our couples the choice in which photographer they would like to work with in capturing these precious memories. Some of our packages do include photography. We book this through our trusted Simple Island Photography Team. You can view examples of their work here.

For years we have avoided including photography in our packages. There are many wedding planners that will include a photographer with “up to 36 images”. It is costly to purchase the additional images and they do not include the CD of your digital images, which results in an even greater expense. All of our photographers include of your edited images – you do not have to go through the lengthy process of picking out only 36 images or facing the additional costs of buying more of your photos. You will receive a minimum of 80 images, often times, way more than that (typically 150 to 200!).

With Island Bliss Weddings,  you also have the freedom to chose a photographer that suits your style & budget. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with whatever photographer is included in your package, you can always upgrade to a different photographer.

Once your deposit has been received, we will send you a list of our recommended photographers. You have the choice of any of the photographers on our list (but certainly are not limited to them). Once you have decided on a photographer, we will arrange their services for you.

Prices start at $275 for budget photography, but average around $600 for one hour for our professional photographers. We are happy to help you navigate your way through the available photographers to find the one that best suits your style, budget and photography needs. We’re even happy to take pictures for you with your own camera! There’s no charge for that at all.

We are also happy to help you find a videographer, to capture your wedding day in motion!

Be educated on your photography choices – it’s a very important aspect of your wedding day! It’s easy to post a beautiful picture on a website, but keep in mind the images you see on a wedding planners website may not necessarily represent the work of the photographer who will shoot your wedding day. I’m constantly shocked by images of beach weddings on local wedding planners websites that are not even Virgin Island beaches!