I’m seeing more and more interest in these flowery little balls! A pomander is the proper name for them, although I’ve been known to mistakenly call them pompadours.

I most often receive this photo (source unknown) from brides asking if this is something that can be created. And yes, it can be! We’ll be doing a very similar set up for a wedding in October.

Here is how my brides have used them recently:

Carrie shipped down silk rose pomanders to be tied on the inside aisle of each chair. She was married at Sand Dollar Estates and we had the ceremony on the beach there.

Later, we moved the pomanders to cocktail hour and placed them on metal stands that were placed on hi boy tables.

A week later, we used them at Waterfront Bistro for Jen’s wedding. The florist made up fresh flowers and we rented the candlesticks…three decorated the entry table:

And two decorated the cake table:

And if you haven’t looked at the blog post below, check out how the moss pomanders were used to decorate one of the tables. This would also look very nice hanging on the chairs at the ceremony, maybe with one brightly colored floral bloom by the top where the ribbon would be (I think a gerbera daisy would work best).