Ah, lovely ring pillows! I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever had a wedding with a ring pillow in the Caribbean…except maybe my own! I had to dig DEEP to find this photo of my ring pillow – I had it saved on my shutterfly account from three years ago. I don’t remember anymore which website I had ordered it from – if anyone recognizes it and knows, please tell me so I can give them credit!

Obviously you can see my inspiration came from the sea. I was hoping my nephews would be at the wedding and could be able to carry the pillow down the aisle for me but they couldn’t come…so I had my 24 year old cousin carry it for me! I didn’t actually make him walk down the aisle but he brought up the rings when the officiate asked for them. It was pretty funny, he’s lucky I didn’t make him wear knee socks. Ring bearers in knee socks are the best!

But to get to the point of my post, you don’t need a ring bearer or a ring pillow in the Caribbean. Very few of my weddings have these elements. Although if you have a cute nephew you want to include – great! Kids are always so cute! But if you don’t, or even if it is just the two of you getting married, it doesn’t mean you have to “miss out” on having something special to carry your rings in.

I found this ceramic sea urchin on etsy.com by seller elementclaystudio that would be perfect for holding a pair of rings. Then you have a cute keepsake to keep of your wedding day – something to hold special jewelry in when you return home (I personally do not sleep in my wedding rings, so I would use this to hold my rings at night).

This is what was important to me about my own wedding – I wanted the elements of my wedding to either have a special meaning or potentially have a special meaning. So while some may think my starfish ring pillow is a little cheesy, after the wedding, the ribbon comes off and it looks great as a throw pillow on our bed. Actually…the ring pillow is made of silk and our tropical environment, as already mentioned, does not do well with such materials, so it looks great on my mother’s guest bed…but one day, if we ever leave this island, it will look great on our bed!

I’ve also seen brides use a real starfish or clamshell as their ring carriers – this is a great way to bring nature into your ceremony. A recent bride brought with her this copper ring orb which I loved

Of course, being a fan of anything homemade, I found a very similar one on etsy.com by seller palomasnest – imagine tying your own rings with color coordinating ribbon….so pretty!

Honestly though, we all know this is a small element of your wedding day. But for true shopaholics? The possibilities are endless!