A few years ago we had a wedding on Lindquist Beach. The breeze was a little strong that day and I knew the minute I put down the rose petals the bride had ordered for the aisle, they would quickly blow away. Instead of adding them to the aisle, we kept them to the side and after the wedding, we handing them out to the wedding guess for  a “rose petal toss”.


It was such a big hit that we added the rose petals to many of our packages, just for this purpose. Couples can choose if they prefer to do the toss or add the petals to the aisle (or remove them from the package all together).

Many times when it is just the bride & groom, they think they aren’t able to do the petal toss if there are no guests to toss them. But this isn’t true! Our officiates have become very good at throwing them from the side! Check out these examples:

petal toss