We do a lot of weddings at Sand Dollar Estate. It’s a wonderful venue, has it’s own beach (which is not always there, depending on the water level), and two great decks for dancing & dinner. I always love it when brides bring a photographer with them from the mainland…it’s very interesting to see an “outsiders” take on things. Kristina & Brady sent me a link to their photographers blog over the weekend and I wanted to share it with you here. Their photographer, Jules, brought along her twin sister, Joy, the help with the event. I LOVED the fact that it was twin sisters in business together! I grew up with parents that ran a business together (and still do) and my husband and I are partners in our businesses. I love family operations. Seeing two sisters work together just melted my heart. I can only hope my girls can grow up and get along enough to work together one day too! Many days, the “getting along” part seems impossible!

Kristina put a lot of work and thought into her wedding. She was an Etsy girl, which you know I love! Here are some photos I took of the event as well…

Chalkboards everywhere! And fun straws and umbrellas for the drinks at the bar (this was the second set of umbrellas, the straws were gone before I got a photo):

Beautiful blue wooden hearts to decorate the appetizer table:

Wooden birds for the bride & groom’s chairs at the dinner:

I’m so glad Etsy wasn’t around when I got married…I’d still be paying it off!