Very exciting wedding last night! It’s definitely not rare for a bride & groom to come to the island alone to be married. Leaving friends & family at home can, let’s be honest, make things a bit less stressful and relaxing! But for the most part, everyone back home is aware of the plans and the newlyweds head back for a fun at-home reception. It is rare these days that an elopement isn’t a surprise for everyone but such was the case for our wedding yesterday. I think the only people that new these two were getting married was the officiant, the photographer, the hair & make-up artist and myself!

And of course, I wanted to blog this morning about her fabulous hair accessory (you know how much I love accessories!) but just as I was editing the photo, I realized….what if someone back home might have suspected something was up? What if someone is snooping on her computer and finds my blog in her favorites list? Hmmm…so, you’ll have to wait til next week. For now, I will only post this very non-descript photo captured by Blue Glass Photography. This was sunset at Lime Tree Beach, also known as Bluebeard’s Beach Club.

Cheers! It was very fun planning an true, traditional elopement!