That’s right folks…I couldn’t deny it anymore. For months brides have been sending me links to the Pinterest boards and I hated going there, knowing that I was going to get sucked in to hours and hours of browsing boards. This site is amazing! So many cool ideas for people to share with each other. I finally decided to open an account for Island Bliss Weddings, pinning my favorite things. I already have an idea that I’m going to incorporate into tomorrow’s wedding (a surprise for the bride!) that I’ll definitely come back on and share.

I started a few boards – some of them are color inspiration boards based on the popular colors I am seeing this year….I named them Yellow Sunshine and Coral Inspirations. I also added “In the Navy” because I’m really starting to dig nautical themed events (and navy can look amazing with a few other colors…hot pink, apple green, yellow…love these shades together – not all togeher at once, but navy & hot pink or navy & apple green, etc). If you can think of a board that you’d like me to start…a certain color palette or a certain theme, please let me know and I’ll happily do so!