Lanterns are definitely a hot thing this year. Island Bliss has been stock piling different options! They look great as aisle decor, centerpieces, accent lighting, etc. Here are some pictures of options and set ups we have done so far this year:


Photo Courtesy of Elisha Orin

Photo Courtesy of Elisha Orin

Accent decor:

St. John Weddings

Aisle decor:

Photo Courtesy of Elisha Orin

St. Thomas Weddings

Photo Courtesy of Crown Images

As you can imagine, it is easy to mix lanterns with ceremony & reception decor and it can be quiet easy to reuse the lanterns on the aisle for centerpieces for dinner. And you know the rule on St. John beaches about no glass? The white lanterns above (under accent decor) have no glass so they are perfect “St. John Beach Wedding Rules Safe”!