I often get asked how I got started as a wedding planner. My husband and I moved to St. Thomas on a whim. We wanted to escape the cold northeast (we both hated winter, ice and snow) and settled on St. Thomas. We were engaged when we arrived and I immediately started to plan our “destination “at home” wedding”. My biggest recourse for planning was The Knot. There was an online forum where you could ask questions, share ideas, review your wedding, etc. My former employer would probably not be so happy to learn how much of my time at work was spent socializing with my new found online girlfriends! We shared more than just wedding related items, but workout regimes, relationship troubles, bridesmaid/mother issues, you name it.

As weddings turned into one year anniversaries and then welcoming of new babies, we moved from being “knotties” to “nesties” (The Knot was smart to create a new site “The Nest” to gently kick newlyweds off their site). Eventually life becomes busier and starting a new business and taking care of little ones didn’t lead to as much online time. With the rise of Facebook though, many of my old “nestie” friends became Facebook friends. We still chat, comment, like each other photos and statuses. It’s fun to still have that special part of my engagement active in my life today.

As I was scrolling through my newsfeed one day, I noticed my nestie friend Jessica was renewing her vows on the beach, with her two little ones present. My first thought was “oh my gosh, has it really been nine years?!” But yes, with my own 9th anniversary coming up next month, it really has. My second thought was, wow! Nine years later and Jessica and Matt look exactly the same as they did 9 years ago!!



A few days later, I was scrolling Facebook again and another Nestie friend posted a photo of some of her recent work. She started her own business in the last nine years, That Sweet Ang  (check her out on Facebook too!). She had posted this photo:



It took me a minute to put two and two together…



How sweet is that?? Jess had ordered cookies from Angela to celebrate their anniversary! I love how these friendships continue to grow over the years. Angela & Jess – thank  you both for putting a huge smile on my face and congratulations to ALL of us on a happy 9 years with our DHs (dear husbands…you know, online slang in those chat forums!).