I received the best package in the mail yesterday!! Stacey & Ryan were married last October in St. Thomas right around Halloween. Stacey knew my love of the holidays, especially Halloween (it is the official kick off to the holiday season!) and she sent me this amazing wedding/Halloween decoration for my office!

You can add a candle inside the cake for an spooky glow

Congratulations NEWLYDEADS! Ha! I love it! Thank you Ryan & Stacey and Happy 1 Year Anniversary to you!

But you know, this gift got me thinking and I went to etsy and typed in “Halloween wedding”. Here are a few of my favorites:

The perfect mix of fall elegance with spooky details by mysweetn0vember

Why not go all out with the creepy details (just make sure your flower girl is ok with spiders!)…by IDoDoodads

If you don’t want to totally embrace the holiday, why not add just a small touch. By Parisxox

Now if I search on Halloween cake topper, I’m really in heaven! Too many I loved to show, but this was one of my faves! By sparkleandtwig

I say it every year…I can’t wait for a destination bride that wants to forgo palm trees for pumpkins! I’m not going to hold my breath though….