I had the pleasure of shooting for Simple Island Photography on Sunday morning for Stuart, The St. Thomas Wedding Officiate. Stuart does such a great job with personalizing the ceremonies and I know just when to point the camera at the bride because I know when he’s going to say something funny or sweet about their relationship. What he said during his ceremony really touched my heart as well. This couple met while he was a customer at her bank and they would flirt whenever he came into her branch. He was planning to move away to a new town and she invited herself to visit him over Thanksgiving (bold move!) but he happily accepted. When he picked her up from the airport he told her “the next two days are either going to be way too long, or it’s going to be the start of many years too short”. I mean, come on! How sweet is that?? Thankfully it was the later and here they were, getting married on the lovely Brewer’s Bay…

Officiate: Stuart, The St. Thomas Wedding Officiate

Photography: Simple Island Photography

Flowers: East End Flower Shop

Location: Brewer’s Bay, St Thomas