My father-in-law is celebrating his 70th birthday this year and has invited all the family down to their condo in Akumal. I have never been but have been dying to go, ever since my first date with my husband when he told me his parents had a condo in Mexico! Finally, about 8.5 years after that first date, I finally get to go!

I bought my daughter Maya this dress from The Gap once we bought our tickets. I thought it was a perfect Mexico dress. I tried it on her when it came in the mail and she insisted on wearing it even though I begged and pleaded with her to take it off, as I wanted to keep it nice for Mexico. Of course, she won the battle and it has been a popular choice in her weekly wear. She has never forgotten my pleas though and every time I take it out of the closet to put her in it, she says, “we go to Mexico now??” – all excited to hop on that plane and go right now!

We’ll be gone until the evening of the 10th but I will have my laptop with me. I just don’t know how great the internet connection will be in Akumal. Please excuse any delays while I’m away! Enjoy your Fourth of July weekend and well….Adios!