Occasionally I will have brides send me an invitation – sometimes it is so I can get a feel for their colors and overall feel of the wedding. I love stationary, especially pretty stationary! I’ve kept a few of my favorites in a corner of my desk with the plans to blog them. After totally clearing out my office this weekend, I finally snapped some pictures. Here are some really outstanding wedding invitations from my clients:

The flower on this was embossed (slightly raised). I love the combo of the orange and blue. These colors can be tricky – you can make them look like Florida Gator or Miami Dolphin colors unintentionally – but here it works perfectly.

I’m a huge fan of grey and yellow.

This invite was a lot of fun! It arrived in a padded envelope:

With a box and seashell inside (disclaimer: this originally came with a Sand Dollar, not a shell, as they are getting married at Sand Dollar Estates – but my sand dollar broke):

This actually when with the orange invite above – this is their save the date post card!

A lot of brides ask me about the wording on their invites – I thought this might help:

And like the grey and yellow invites above, this is another “ticket invite” – made to look like boarding passes.

Three “tickets” were inside with RSVP, event information and formal invite.

I had the hardest time picking out my wedding invitations and didn’t love what I ended up with. Its important to pick out something that reflects your wedding style and colors. And important to have something you love!