We have had the most fun last few weeks – lots of weddings and events and some of the best clients. I really love my job and being a part of someones wedding day. Funnily enough, I had a conversation with a Reformed Church minister the other day (the bride & groom had brought him from home to officiate the ceremony) and we got into a conversation about weddings vs. funerals (he obviously does both). I’ve always said I’d much rather do weddings then funerals but after our talk…I’m not so sure anymore. 1) you never had to worry about your client being late and 2) you don’t start planning it a year in advance (hopefully) and 3) there is little to zero drama. Nobody sweats the small stuff at a funeral, you know?

Wow…did I ever get off topic there. Have no fear, we will not be jumping into the funeral business any time soon (and I have a bride this coming December who is in the funeral business…no worries N, I won’t be creeping into your territory!). But to my new Reformed Church minister friend – thank you for the fun conversation (as we were waiting for our very late bride).

I am so excited February is finally here! Sometime this month I will finally upgrade my phone and hopefully I can start taking nicer pictures of our events with my phone. I love uploading “real time” photos to our Facebook page but hate the icky iPhone photos (I have the old iPhone).

While the last few weeks have been crazy busy, the first few weeks of February are relatively quiet. I hope to get a lot of blogging done…there are new locations I wish to share, a local artist that I can’t wait to feature and lots of new ideas I’ve stolen from my January brides!

I hate the end a post with no pictures so please enjoy these photos of a cake topper I fell in love with. Handmade little replicas of our bride & groom:

I’m not sure which seller they bought this from but it did come from etsy.com