I’m sure everyone knows what the unity candle is and many of you know about the sand ceremony (a unity candle for the beach in essence) but I don’t know if everyone is as familiar with the wine ceremony? This is where the bride & groom box up a bottle of wine with love letters to each other. They say that on the 50th anniversary they can open up the box and enjoy the wine while they read the love letters to each other….but that if they hit a rough patch along the way, they can open up the box, drink the wine and be reminded as to why they fell in love and were married in the first place. I always thought this was a sweet idea but for a destination wedding, it can be tricky getting that box of wine home. It’s something that could easily be done without incorporating it into the ceremony as well – something the two of you could do at home once you return.

I was reminded of the wine ceremony when I got an email from UnCommon Goods – I love that store! They have some great wedding gifts and this awesome Anniversary Wine Box.

How cute is this? It’s customizable with your initials and wedding date and holds three bottles of wine, to be enjoyed on specific anniversaries (they have 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries labeled on the example but I think we can aim higher than that, no??). I think this makes an amazing gift to give to a couple getting married but it’s also a lovely gift for you to give each other, especially with the love notes tucked inside!