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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Island Bliss Weddings! Having two small children of my own, this week has been full of dressing up and getting ready for the big day tomorrow. I couldn’t help but think of a Halloween wedding I saw on the TLC Network a few years ago. The bride’s father was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera (appropriate, as he was able to wear a tux!) and the groom was dressed like Dracula and the bride…well, she was a princess of course! All the guests were asked to come in costume…it looked like it was such a blast! I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to help plan a Halloween wedding, being that we’re pretty pigeon-holed as a Destination Wedding spot! But if I ever have a bride who chooses to have her ceremony on Halloween (which is all together possible if a ship comes in to port on Halloween Day), I’m going to have to strongly encourage her to celebrate the holiday in some small way or the other. What do you think about this amazing cake I found on I just love it!

Yummy Alternative

Mmmmm…our bride & groom on Saturday chose to have delicious chocolate covered strawberries from VI Desserts at their ceremony instead of a traditional wedding cake. Since their wedding was on Magen’s Bay, it was really nice to have a sweet treat that guests could pick up and eat like an appetizer instead of balancing aContinue Reading

All about the color…

In the previous post you saw the color that nature provided for this bride’s ceremony. Now check out the gorgeous colors she provided on her own! I just love it when everything matches but doesn’t…know what I mean? It all compliments and it all works so well!

Internet Issues

I have no idea why, but our internet has been out for the last two days. Finally we were able to plug in this morning (WiFi still isn’t working) and so I am catching up on 22 emails that have been sent in the last two days! Slowly but surely getting there. It’s crazy toContinue Reading

We Survived!

Island Bliss Weddings, US Virgin Islands and all the kin have survived the storm – what there was of a storm at least! At 11am last night, we were facing a Cat 3 hurricane. Omar bounced off a St Croix and headed in the other direction, leaving us to wonder where the storm was whenContinue Reading

Plan B

A note to all our clients: Email may be slow over the next few days as we are currently preparing for our first real hurricane threat in years. We’re optomistic that we will only have rain & wind but you just never really know until it is upon you. Electricity is very unstable on theContinue Reading

New ways to preserve….

Occasionally I have a bride that asks me about preserving their bouquet. We do actually have a vendor on St. Thomas now that can help with this process. It does involve boxing the bouquet on dry ice and shipping it off island – overall, it’s an expensive process. And in the end, you just endContinue Reading

Magen’s Bay

Rated as one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Beaches in the World, Magen’s Bay is a wedding location favorite for many. Here are a few photos of a recent wedding we did there. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “What do we do in the event of rain?” (this questionContinue Reading

Guest Books

We don’t often have guest books at a destination wedding, usually there are only a handful of guests and it just doesn’t seem necessary. That’s why I’m a big fan of using a local photography book with enough free space to allow guests to sign their names & a loving note. Not only is itContinue Reading

No oil can needed…

Worried that I may be a little rusty, I had some pre-wedding nerves yesterday but never fear, it couldn’t have gone smoother even if I doused myself in WD-40! It was definitely nice getting back to the office… My favorite part of the wedding yesterday (other than the brides’ dress, which I didn’t get aContinue Reading